The 5 Main Advantages of Using PVC for Your Sewer Line

advantages of pvc for sewer

The reason why PVC is a main material for sewer pipes is due to the fact that it has many advantages and has only a few drawbacks. Many contractors even prefer using this plastic material than other pipes out there. Take a look at the main advantages of using PVC for your sewer pipe integration.

  1. Installation time is one of the lowest among all sewer pipes

No one wants a sewer pipe installation to last long in their property. Apart from the hassles brought by the installation; there is also the problem of disruption of property and local operations. Any property owner would want the installation to be done as fast possible. The thing is that it’s not just the procedure that is the factor with the installation time but also the materials used.

Some pipe materials take a long time to be placed in the sewer system just like vitrified clay pipes or VCP. The reason why VCP takes a lot of time to be installed is that it’s very heavy. Transporting this material alone will take effort, time, and money. Cutting VCP pipes for installation will take a while since it’s tough to slice. PVC on the other hand is one of the pipe materials that can be installed quickly. Since its a light material, PVC can be cut faster than most sewer pipes available.   

  1. Can survive long exposure to chemicals

While some pipe materials like galvanised steel are indeed tough and durable; they don’t reach their peak years. The reason for is that these types of pipes can’t withstand long exposure to chemicals. It’s necessary for a sewer material to survive long years of processing chemical wastes. After all, a lot of chemicals and other types of compounds are dumped or become present in the sewage system. PVC pipes showcase superior resistance to various chemicals which is why it’s able to last for a long period of time in a sewer system. Hydrocarbons, fluorides, alkalis, brine, mineral oils, and alcohols are just a few of the many chemicals that PVC can withstand.   

  1. It’s basically invulnerable to corrosion

As pipe materials age; they become more and more prone to corrosion. Deterioration of pipe materials has the potential to become an even inconvenient problem if left without any solution. Many sewer pipes corrode even though they’re made of the most durable materials. PVC is such a tough material when it comes to corrosion resistance. In fact, it doesn’t just withstand corrosion; PVC is pretty much invulnerable from this type of disintegration.  

  1. PVC is actually an affordable material

With all the advantages PVC can offer; it’s hard to believe that this material is actually affordable. PVC is more economical and practical for contractors; which is why you can see it almost all types of sewer pipe installation.  

  1. Risks of joint leaks is low

PVC is manufactured to have long lengths for easier installation. Pipes that have long lengths means there are fewer connections and therefore; lowered chances of joint leaks from happening.