6 Indications of Water Heater Failure


Our water heater units are  essential most especially during winter season. Having your hot water during your shower helps you withstand the freezing temperature within your household. Complications in the unit are inevitable. With the being said,  you should always be ready to issues that may happen in the future and provide immediate solutions. Furthermore, in order for the unit to provide the desired hot water we wanted, it should be in good condition as always. On the other hand, not all the time that our unit is in full condition and will malfunction. Here are some signs of a water heater failure:

Inadequate supply of hot water

You will know if your water heater unit is failing to function if there is a sudden freeze in the hot water. This occurs because of the excessive mineral content carried by the hard water. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium split up with the water and travel down the base of the water heater tank. With that being said, it accumulates below the tank which lengthens the heating process of the water.

Noisy and rattling sound produced

Similar your pipe system, when you hear banging noises produced by your water heater, this is a sign that there is water heater failure. The accumulation of mineral at the bottom of the tank is the major reason why these disturbing sounds occur. When this happens, there is a great tendency for the heater unit to overheat when the build of mineral insulates the heat that is utilised to heat the water. This causes the heater to create rattling and noisy sound.

Leaky tank

When it comes to water tanks made of metal, it’s normal for the aforementioned to be affected by corrosion. When this happens to your tank, it will have cracks and leaks that allow the water to seep out of the tank. With that being said, the supply of water will be reduced and your water bill tends to increase even without using them.

Rusty hot water

Your water heater unit shouldn’t produce rusty water. This rusty water could be harmful to your health. Moreover, the rusty water coming out from your taps and shower heads might be due to the interior portion of your water heater which in the process of wearing out and deterioration.

Temperature inconsistencies

As mentioned earlier, as the heat used to heat the water is insulated by the build-up of sediments within the tank, this produces inconsistencies in the temperature of your hot water. When this happen, this is an indication that your water heater is not operating properly.

Smelly and cloudy hot water

A cloudy and smelly hot water is an indication that something is wrong with your water heater unit. this happens when the sediments that can be found at the base of the heater unit is combined with the water that gives a metallic smell and a cloudy appearance. The metallic smell of the water is because of the bacteria that is present in the water heater system. Furthermore, when the mineral content obstructs your taps and shower screens, the flow capacity of the water tends to slow down.