5 Advantages of Using a Solar Water Heater

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According to most plumbing professionals, 18 % of the energy consumption in a household is spent for operating a water heater that runs on electrical energy. Especially for those establishments that utilise demand-type water heaters, the cost and bills will surely skyrocket. During the cold season, if you are using electrical heating appliances, you will be burdened by expensive electrical bills and excessive water heating problems. Luckily, electrical bills that are way too high can be minimised by using a water heater that utilises another source of energy aside from electricity. For that purpose, homeowners can now enjoy the advantages of having a solar-powered water heater. This type of water heater uses a source of power that is totally free which makes the operational cost dwindle to zero.


You do not have to worry about the performance of the water heater during the winter season since even though the sun is completely covered at times; there is still enough sunlight to keep the unit functional. Rather than relying on consumable, solar water heaters found a way to replace costly means of operation. Here are other important information you need to know about solar water heaters:

  1. Free energy source.

Unlike the usual sources of energy such as fusel fuel, oil and electricity, solar energy is the cost-free alternative. All you have to do to acquire the source is invest on a few solar thermal panels. Although the upfront cost may be expensive, in a long run, the investment will pay off. The solar panels will as good as pay themselves as the years roll by.

  1. Lesser space consumption.

For an average home, about 2-3 solar panels will be needed to provide for the heating demands of the occupants. The panels should be placed in direct contact with the sun such as in roofs. This saves much needed space in homes. The panels do not crowd your space while utilising the wide roof area that every establishment has. The solar water heater already sees to two of the main problems in a home; the expensive cost of heating and overcrowding when there is too much appliance in a given space.

  1. Efficient.

About 80% of the heating radiated by the sun is readily turned into energy. Given that solar energy is quite abundant even during a cloudy weather, solar water heaters do not have problems pertaining to shortage of energy source. In connection to that, there will be a steady stream of hot water gushing from the tap. This will ensure you that even in winter, you can still get an efficient performance from a solar water heater.

  1. Environmentally friendly.

Thermal units and other technologies that derive energy source from the environment help lessen human carbon footprints making them essentially environmentally friendly. Using a solar water heater ensures that you do not only help in lessening your water bill, you also help the environment be toxic free.

  1. Gain government-sanctioned incentives.

In some countries, commercial and residential establishments are rewarded certain perks by the government annually if they are self-sufficient in producing their own source of energy regardless if they are able to use it or not. If it so happens that your country exercises the same policy, you might find it particularly rewarding when you are able to produce your own commodities.