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The twins were splashing water everywhere, Florence was amazed there was any water left in the tub! She had them for the week while their mother traveled interstate for work. It had been awhile since she’d had to chase around after children, but she was picking it up again very quickly.

“Keep the water in the bath, you’ll get your towels and clothes wet!” She admonished her grandchildren, only to be showered in a spray of water. They weren’t bad kids, so she took it all with good nature. Instead of scolding, she turned on the taps to fill the tub again. They both still had shampoo in their hair and soap in their ears. Jane, the smaller of the two, pulled a face.

“Why is it that colour?” She asked, pointing at the stream of water. Florence looked at the faucet and saw dirty brown water pouring into the tub. She turned off the tap, threw towels over the children and got them out of the tub. Bath time was over for now. She got them dressed and into bed before testing the taps in her kitchen. Sure enough, the hot water tap released a stream of dirty water.

Florence picked up the landline and called her local Alexandria Plumber. He was a plumber she could rely on and trust, as she’d used him before for other problems. They organised for him to get there first thing the next morning. Once the Plumber was there, he announced what Florence had been worried about. The hot water tank was rusted through. Without skipping a beat he talked her through replacements, pricing and her options. Did she want the same sized tank, smaller? Florence agreed with the same size.

The Plumber ducked out to pick up a new tank and returned promptly. The twins watched him install the tank, showering the poor man with questions that he patiently explained. Within a few hours the tank was installed and already heating. He tidied up his worksite and threw the old tank on the back of his truck. Florence’s local Alexandria Plumber had helped her again.

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