What Should You Do During Plumbing Emergencies?

residential plumbingThere are a lot of emergency plumbing problems that anyone of us could encounter. In some cases, you may disregard the presence of these problems because somehow you get a feeling it won’t get worse. Well, the truth is, you may get it all wrong. In any form as possible, having emergency plumbing problems, whether it is minimal, will turn into a worst case scenario if it isn’t manage accordingly. If a small problem like that of a simple emergency plumbing issue, it will then progress into a big problem in the future.  Your role as a responsible homeowner is to act quickly in case of any signs of an impending plumbing problem.

  1. Shut off water supply – This is the most immediate intervention when a plumbing issue occurs. In a structural basis, a small leakage can create a problem. If the source of water is halted, it will prevent this problem from eventually flooding your home. If you can’t find the water source to shut off the flowing water, the main source which supply’s water to your home can be found near your water meter. This is applicable in case you encounter defective shower heads, clog drains or toilets, burst pipes or leaking pipe lines.
  1. Assessment of the Damage – This is a simple task that you must not fail to do. Assessment is the best tool that will help you in figuring out what solutions to do next. This is also the time where you decide if you can fix the problem on your own or if a plumber is needed to fix the problem. If ever a plumber is needed, you can relay the severity of the problem immediately.
  1. Simple Materials Used – Most materials for simple problems are found in hardware stores that may be near your house or just downtown. They are sold in reasonable prices and will suit any of your emergency plumbing needs.
  1. Fixing a small problem – If you are knowledgeable of the problem at hand, you may be able to go about the problem by yourself. In case of a simple clog, a plunger from a hardware store with help you to easily unclog the drain. In a simple leak or a pinpoint leak, placing epoxy until it dries will prevent the water from leaking again. Simple problems will always have simple solutions where you can do it by yourself.
  1. Call a plumber or a water company – This is the last option in case in a got worse. If it already started in a worse case, don’t hesitate to call the pros for help. A licensed plumber and water companies will eagerly help homeowners in solving their plumbing problems. There are services that are offered for 24/7 and in reasonable prices.

Those stated above are only some ways, which you, as a homeowner, must perform immediately. Providing solutions immediately will lessen or prevent the chances of creating a bigger problem as time goes by. We cannot deny the fact that these plumbing problems may arise, but somehow it can be resolved immediately.