Tips on How to Prevent Future Blockages in your Home


A blocked drain or pipe can cause several problems in your home; bathtubs and sink water will no longer flow, the drain outside starts to fill with excess waste water that produces a very unpleasant odor. Blockages poses health risks to a family household as fungi and bacteria thrive in warm and damp environments.

If you are unable to fix the blockage, you should call a plumber immediately. In order to avoid these costly repairs, it is best if you take preventive measures so as to avoid blockages in the future. Here are tips on how to prevent future blockages in your home.

 Filter the waste contents

Waste that accumulates in the drainage system is the main cause of drain blockages. Most people ignore what goes through the plug hole, but with time, the waste accumulates causing a blockage in the pipe. Therefore, it is important to check everything that goes through your pipe.

When clearing the cooking dishes, saucepans and plates, discard all the waste in the garden compost or the bin. The sticky food may gather up and cause clogging that is difficult to eradicate.

Never pour grease or oil down the pipe because it solidifies to a sticky strong substance and when mixed with water, it produces an awful smell as it remains in the system. Let oil solidify in a container and throw it away with your other rubbish items.

Keep small objects such as medicine bottles, cotton buds and combs away from the toilet to prevent them from falling accidentally and blocking the system. In addition, do not flush items such as diapers and wet wipes as they can cause blockage.

Use a hair trap to prevent hair from going down the drain in your bathroom as it can lead to a draining system problem when it accumulates down the pipe.


Carry a regular inspection and cleaning of your drainage system

Though this may be quite expensive, it is very important to have your pipe work maintained. This will help prevent future blockages because at most times, blockage in the pipes and drain is caused by lack of inspection and cleaning of the high risk areas.


Avoid using chemical products to clear your drain system

Chemical products do more harm to your draining system. They erode the pipes causing wear inside them. This will lead to an extensive leakage in your home.