Fixing a Leaky Tap in 5 Easy Ways

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Whether it happens in your kitchen sink or other parts of your house where water exits, it is very irritating to hear that dripping sound of water that is the main reason why your water bill just elevated.

With that being said, a leaky tap is such a nuisance that will turn from minor problem to major one. That is why, it is important to fix it right away with the essential tools such as O-rings, flat-head screwdriver, wrench and penetrating oil.

Step 1. Don’t make further damage

When trying to repair your leaky tap, first of all, try not to mess and make the situation by turning your ancient tap into old faithful. Before using any tool during the repair procedure such as screwdriver and wrench, what you need to ensure is that your water supply should be shut down, from the knows below that manages the flow of water coming inside from the main line to the handles above the sink.

Step 2. Remove any unnecessary decorations

Get rid of any ornament or knick knack components that are attached to the handle knobs. This can be done through the use of a simple flat-head screwdriver to take good care of the situation. Below each know, there is an attached screw that mounts the handle and the stem together. Utilising penetrating oil can help you with unfastening the screw, letting faucet handle off of its stem.

Step 3. Utilise a wrench

In order to loosen the packing nut, the best option is to use a wrench. From then on, you will locate and find the stem. Try taking it out as well. Depending on what type of tap it is, there are some stems that just immediately pop right off. On the other hand, some taps need to be twisted off from its valve. After removing it, try to check if there are any components that were damaged during the procedure.

Step 4. Inspection process

If you think that all of it is intact, try to check and examine the washer and the O-ring within your tap’s valve seat for there is a possibility that they are the reason why your amenity is leaking. If it is, then take out the washer and place a substitute washer within the seat.

One of the crucial parts of the process is when you have to make sure that your replacement O-rings and washer are perfectly fitted to the tap. If you’re not sure, inspect the seat to see if the fittings are either a flat washer or cone-shaped. If it isn’t the right fit, take your old O-rings with you and go to your local store to confirm if you grabbed the same size and the appropriate kind.You can also purchase it in a package consisting of more than just one size of -ring.

Step 5. Reassemble the components

After going to your local store now is the perfect time to reassemble the components such as washer, stem, handle, screw and the packing nut. Turn the knob and check the water to see if the problem still persists.

If there still have a leaky tap after all your effort, there might be another possibility why it still happening and that is due to corrosion within the valve seat. However, this is just one of the potential reasons that are why it is best to ask your local plumber for help.