FAQs about Water Pressure Problems

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People usually enjoy the benefits of high water pressure especially in the shower and hate low pressure. However, regardless of the pressure, whether homeowners enjoy it or not, this is a plumbing problem. This issue can damage the plumbing system if the pressure will not be adjusted to the suggested level. This issue shouldn’t overlook for too long. On the other hand, as plumbers try to mend that problem here are some other questions homeowners frequently ask:

How to detect high water pressure?As a homeowner, we should be cautious and observant with our plumbing system. This is to ensure that all plumbing problems will be repaired immediately. Moreover, being observant helps us to detect plumbing issues and prevent them from worsening. For instance, one issue that we face is high water pressure. On the other hand, complications don’t just happen out of the blue. It gives homeowners hints that if detected, can be repaired immediately. Here are some signs of water pressure problems:

  •    Running toilets
  •    Dripping taps
  •    Droplets coming out from the showerheads
  •    Water seeping out from the aerator
  •    Fixtures deteriorate earlier than its expected lifespan
  •    Presence of banging sounds when the pipe is used

What are the possible risks?

Due to long-term global issues, there are areas that experience drought at a specific time of the year. Because of this, homeowners or the entire community must save water due to the insufficient supply of fresh water. What will happen when there is high water pressure is that water will gush out of the fixtures such as shower heads and taps. With this, water will be totally wasted. If this is constantly done, aside from high water bill, it would lead to an environmental imbalance. In addition, having high water pressure will surely deteriorate or collapse the pipes that may lead to other problems. Lastly, when you notice that there are banging sounds after you turn on the fixtures, this is a sign of water pressure problem. This sound is produced as the pressure makes contact with the valve. This is also known as the “hammer effect”.

What are the repair methods that can be used?

When high water pressure is confirmed, best to locate the source of the leak and repair them. However, if the problem can no longer be solved, replace the pipes. Afterward, your local plumber will conduct a mandatory system evaluation and see if the pipe system needs a pressure regulator. A pressure regulator will decrease the pipe’s damage obtained from the pressure problem. On the other hand, there are two things that a homeowner can do for high water pressure predicament. First thing is to shut down the water supply until the problems are fixed or invest on a pressure regulator in the pipeline that is connected from the fixtures to the supply main. These two alternatives are best especially when the issue is coming from the community’s supplier. However, keep in mind to ask a professional for help.