Electric Vs Gas Water Heaters

Most homeowners are not sure whether to buy an electric or gas water heating when the two are the only options remaining. To help in the decision of electric vs. gas water heaters, this article looks into several factors including price, recovery rates, and life expectancy.


Installation price is a major consideration to make when choosing between gas water heaters and electric water heaters. Although there is no clear-cut difference between the two systems here, some issues could render electric water heaters more costly, for example if you are installing a large capacity heater.


When it comes to life expectancy of the equipment, electric water heaters tend to have the upper hand. Studies from several sources indicate that gas water heaters and electric water heaters have life expectancies of 8 years and 10 years respectively.


According to some source, recovery rate of a water heater refers to the rate at which the equipment can heat the water across a certain temperature difference. Therefore, the key elements when considering this factor include temperature and time. On this one, gas water heaters give better results than electric water heaters.


There are several other factors to consider when choosing between electric and gas water heaters. In most cases, if you are changing from one system to another, the standard size of the system will be the main consideration because of the installation costs involved. For instance, most Australian homes have size 50 gallon and 40 gallon for electric water heaters and gas water heaters respectively.The future requirements as well play a major part in choosing between electric and gas water heater.


Since there are more options than one for water heating, the homeowner should be able to choose the best one according to the situation. This article has given an outline of the major factors to consider when looking at electric vs gas water heaters. Probably you have newer ideas as you search for a water heater.