Drain Repair and Maintenance

Drain Repair and MaintenanceRegular minor repairs and maintenance of your drains are quite important to keeping them both clear and clean. This preserves their durability, quality and also make it last long so that they can continue serving you properly. There may be easy-to-do operations that you may not sometimes need a plumber to fix.

Keeping drains free of solid items that clog them is the basic step to begin with. Such items as food, soap or hair are the most common items that may cause blockage, especially in the lavatory and shower drains. You must always be cautious in ensuring that hair is especially kept away from going down the drain as they can never rot or decompose easily.

You can use tweezers to remove any visible hair in your bathroom drains or wear latex gloves to remove the slime and soap scum from inside the drain by fingers. If necessary, you may use an old toothbrush to scrub away stubborn slime.

Kitchen drains are mostly clogged by greasy food particles that mix up and clump together. It is important to regularly clean them by periodically running hot tap water down the drain. A small cup of a mixture of vinegar and baking soda is quite effective in removing stubborn clogs, then you flash again with hot water finish the clean-up process.

Meanwhile the steps below provides a general procedure when dealing with drain repair and maintenance:

1. Embrace a drain-cleaning tool such as Zip-It and Drain King that are optimized for drain cleaning to effectively carry out the task.

2. Clean the Sink trap thoroughly to remove clogs inside. You should loosen the slip nits sing channel-type pliers or by hand to clear hidden clogs.

3. Remove clocks in the drain pipes using an auger tool.

4. There are clog killing chemicals that can be used to carry out the cleaning smoothly and faster.

You should, however exercise safety precautions when carrying out repair and cleaning to avoid injury from slippery surfaces or infections by germs in the drains. Otherwise, you may also consult licensed plumbers who can help you deal with serious problems in the drains.