9 DIY Essential Plumbing Tools

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In doing some plumbing repairs by yourself, you have to equip yourself with some essential tools that are appropriate for your repair. Do your best in doing the repair to help you save money. Doing repairs on your own will give you more knowledge and help you get to know more about your plumbing. Here’s a list of DIY essential plumbing tools.
1. Full-length Protective Garment

Since you do not have enough experience in plumbing because you are not a professional plumber, there are high possibilities for accidents to occur. In doing some plumbing repairs, you must ensure your safety above all. Protecting yourself with clothes might not be enough once you have a direct contact with some harmful materials. Through the use of a full-length protective, your clothes are completely protected including your skin. This plumbing tool is essential for home owners when doing some repairs in their plumbing system by themselves.
2. Tape Measure

You might be thinking that a tape measure is used only when sewing clothes. You probably don’t know that this tool is also essential in doing some plumbing repairs. From the name itself ‘measure’, this is necessary for taking the measurement of your pipes. Obviously, if you don’t want your money to be put into waste, then you need to measure first your pipes before purchasing a new one. This is applicable on pipe diameters for fittings and connections.
3. Plunger

There are different types of plungers that you can use. These types are specially made for a certain task. There are two most common type of plunger: the cup and flange plunger. The cup plunger or also known as the standard plunger is used for areas with a flat surface such as kitchen sink, bathroom or bathtub. On the other hand, a flange plunger is the one used in toilet or areas with a curved surface. The two can’t be used at the same area since it won’t function properly.
4. Wrench

This plumbing tool is essential in fastening fasteners which can’t be fastened by our bare hands and sometimes hard to reach. Through the help of wrenches, connections and nuts can be fastened and loosened even though it is located at the back of the sink. There are different types of wrenches that can be used. The two most common type of wrench which is basically used for unreachable areas are known as the basin and adjustable wrench.
5. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is necessary for cutting screws, plastic pipes, nuts and metal pipes. It has various sizes that are used for both complicated and easy repairs. It is preferable to purchase a big and a small hacksaw.
6. Plumber’s Putty

This is a pliable substance that is basically activated by simply kneading two substances together. A plumber’s putty is the most accessible and handy tool for plumbers. It is used to seal drains and faucets in an effortless and easy way.
7. Pipe Cutter

This is commonly used in cutting excess pipes. Newly purchased pipes obviously do not have the exact measurement of the pipes you needed. With this, it is necessary to cut the excess pipe. This tool is fast, convenient and has a clean output.
8. Metal File

It has various styles of teeth that are used for a specific work output. This is essential to smoothen some newly cut edges. Its cutting ridges are responsible for eliminating prickles and burrs the pipe edges.
9. Thread Seal Tape

It is also known as (PTFE) polyetrafluoroethylene film that is wrapped around the pipe threads. It is necessary to protect it from the water wastage and spillage.