5 Typical Plumbing Nightmares in Summer

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Every one of us definitely loves the warm idea of summer. With all those exciting activities, time out of school and all the cookouts and beach or pool getaways happening everywhere. Yet this is the prime time for frequent and potential plumbing problems to arise due to the increase of temperature and the frequent stay of every family member in their homes. Aside from ruining that beautiful season, this would also cost you much for the repair procedures. To avoid turning off your summer fun, take note of the following plumbing plights that frequently arise during warmer temperatures.

  1. Clogged drains and garbage disposal unit

Summer is just a lovely season for exciting outdoor activities and cookouts. With all those grills and barbeques and the presence of plenty of people, clogged drains and garbage disposal is a usual occurrence due to the increase in the amount of food leftovers.

To avoid these, make sure to maintain your drains and garbage disposal by running cold water for 15 seconds to effectively clear it from food debris and completely drain them and by not putting the following in it.

  • Hard particles such as bones, seeds, and coffee grinds as they can jam the disposal and destroy it or cause your troubles.
  • Fibrous foods such as banana peels and corn husks. They might be soft and easy to break but the fibres they contain may tangle and twist with the interior mechanisms of the garbage disposal. This includes egg shell as well due to the membrane it contains.
  • Pasta-like foods are not meant for your garbage disposals as well as they could expand with constant contact with water.

  1. Sewer line backups

The massive water flow and the ground saturation during summer rains and storms would cause the damage on your sewer pipes which are typically buried below the ground and cause sewage backups. The key here to avoid this occurrence is through the installation of a drain plug. Furthermore, seek the aid of a plumbing professional to inspect and assess your sewer laterals to know the necessary remedies to be made and get rid of tree roots that may damage your sewer lines.

  1. Washing machine problems

Summer season includes outdoor activities such as swimming either on beaches or pools which causes your washing machines to work twice that what they used to do and get worked out with dirty laundry. To avoid that, maintenance is key. Make sure to check your unit for leaks, bulges and ruptures to ensure its smooth performance. Replace the hoses when needed and make sure that they are in good condition.

  1. Clogged toilets

Due to the frequency of staying at home, toilets may work twice that what they use to do. Some of the kids would flush down toys and coins and are definitely not included in your toilet’s duties. Teach your household members to dispose wastes such as hair, toiletries, floss, tampons, napkins and pet litter on the garbage bins and not on the toilet. They should be taught on how to effectively conserve water by flushing enough amount when using the toilet.

  1. Sprinkler issues

Sprinklers are definitely necessary during warm seasons to ensure the health and beauty of your lawns and gardens. Make sure to keep them in good condition as they maintain you well-landscaped properties as well. Mowing of the lawn carefully would help avoid damaging your sprinklers and make sure to perform necessary cleaning and replacements of the sprinkler head when needed.