5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bathroom Taps

plumberalexandria tapsTaps are one of the essential things inside the house since it is where the water comes out. However, there are a lot of designs available in the market these days. It would be quite confusing to choose unto which one to buy. In decorating your bathroom, choosing a tap would be one of your priorities. You would not want the design of your bathroom to be ruined by a tap right? I know you’d probably go with a tap that would complement the essence of your bathroom. To help you minimise that problem, here are some guidelines in a choosing a bathroom tap that suits you.

Know Your Water Pressure

One of the important factors you need to consider in choosing a tap is to know your water pressure at home. Choose a tap that best suits your water system otherwise you’ll end up waiting for your tub to be full. The higher the pressure system, the lower pressure tap that it needs to function well. However, the usage of high pressure taps in a low pressure systems could make the flow of the water slow. With this, it will take take a long time for a basin or a bathtub to be fully filled with water.

Check the number of Tap Holes

It is indeed important to check the tap holes before choosing a tap that you like to purchase. You need to consider the number of tap holes in your basin, bath and bidet to match it with your chosen tap. Make sure that the tap you are gonna purchase in the market would be proportion to the number of holes in your sink and tub.

Select your Kind of Style

If the look of your bathroom is important to you, then choosing the style of your tap would be a big deal. You need to choose the type of tap that best suits the look of your bathroom. It could be a traditional or contemporary. If you love to choose the traditional style, you go with the pillar taps. This kind of tap elevates the timeless elegance essence in your bathroom. For the contemporary, choose the ones with a moderate design, clean lines and the ones with geometric styles. Examples of tap for this type of style is the waterfall spout.

What’s It Made of

Most bathroom taps are usually made of either solid brass or ceramic discs. Taps made of solid brass are likely extreme to avoid rusts. Water that comes out from this tap, doesn’t have a bizarre taste. On the other side, taps which contains ceramic discs tends to to function longer than the traditional rubber washer. It is much easier to use a tap made of this since it only requires a ¾ turn to turn on or off the water.

Suited Colour

There are a lot of coloured taps available in the market. It would be a bit confusing to choose which one. But, if you already have your bathroom walls painted and have in mind the design of your bathroom, selecting a coloured tap won’t give you a hard time. All you need to do is to select the tap that would complement the essence and design of your bathroom.