5 Maintenance Tips for Your Water Softener

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Having a water softener unit at home can aid our problems from clingy hard water stains to scale build up in our plumbing fixtures. Without this, a lot more complications would develop over time. However, with all the benefits the unit gives to us, it’s important to conduct a scheduled maintenance so that it would still function properly.

Here are some maintenance tips that you should do for your water softener unit:

  • Check the salt level

One of the most important things to maintain when you have a water softener at home is to keep the right amount of salt. Manufacturers suggest there should be a minimum amount of salt and the level of the salt.

Keeping the level of the salt higher than the required mark in the brine tank is advisable. However, too little amount of salt in the tank will not make your tank unit function well. On the other hand, if there is too much within the tank, the setback is that you won’t see if the salt is sticking or not at the bottom portion.

One of the best things to do, when you have a water softener, is to keep track on the amount of salt you use every month so that it will be easy for you to think of how much amount of salt stock are you going to keep. Also, you will also learn that your unit is not working properly if you know the amount of salt you have.

  • Check the accumulation of salt

To ensure that your unit is working properly, try to check if there is any accumulation of salt within your storage tank. If there are, this build-up can be broken down through broom handles, however, if you think that the problem still continues, it is much better to clean the entire tank.
One of the hints that your tank is giving you if it wants to be cleaned out is the too much build-up within.

If you are living a humid area, try to not fill up the tank all the way. If you want to avert in build-up what is typically suggested is for you to just fill the storage tank half way.

  • Clean the tank

The thing about water softener is that it rarely requires you to clean the entire tank. On the other hand, if you experience any problem with it, just try to clean the tank for a good reset.

What you need to do when you want to clean it is to just empty it by utilising a shop vac before rinsing it properly. Afterwards, start the unit like what you did when you first installed it and add salt when it is ready. The process of cleaning and starting the unit sometimes takes hours to finish so ensure that you have extra time to finish it.

  • Cleaning the venturi and nozzle

These are tiny parts that make suction and motion the brine from the tank up to the resin tank. To remove the components, check for the manufacturer’s guide on how to properly do it. Most of the time, its parts are composed of tiny more pieces that when you removed them; try to keep a tracks on the components so that they can be put back together easily.

  • Read the instructions

There are specific guidelines written in the manufacturer’s instruction such as flushing out the tank annually. Still, annual flushing depends on the type of salt the manufacturer suggests. The important think about taking some time and read the instruction is that you will understand how your unit works and the kind of maintenance the unit requires.