5 Main Causes of Burst Pipes

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There are countless plumbing emergencies that a household can experience in a span of a week. But among these problems, there is one very common dilemma that is very persistent. This problem can cause major disasters for your plumbing system and the foundation of a building. This problem is pipe bursting. Since they say that prevention is better than cure, let us look into 5 main reasons found that cause pipes to burst in order for homeowners to be on the lookout and prevent these reasons from developing into major plumbing disasters.

1. Water Pressure

This is one of the most uncommon reasons why pipe bursting occurs since every day, water is running through them. Water pressure inside the pipe only becomes a problem when there is a clog or build up somewhere in the pipe. What happens is that when the clog stops the water flow, the pressure accumulates and when it gets too much, the water looks for somewhere to escape. When it does not find a hole or a passage, the pipe bursts because it is no longer strong enough to handle the pressure.
You will know that there is a problem or a build-up in your pipe when the pressure is too low. Low water pressures are sometimes signalled by gurgling sounds inside the pipe. Homeowners should pay extra close attention to tiny details and tell-tale signs.

2. Freezing

Not all pipes are protected and well-insulated. Pipe freezing is pretty common to pipes that are located outdoors and in rooftops. Sometime over the winter, when a pipe lacks proper care and maintenance, it is liable to freezing and can burst the pipe. When the water inside the pipe freezes, it expands. When the water freezes and the pipe bursts, the greatest damage is usually obtained by the structure and foundation of the building.

3. Tree Roots

This is a very common reason why pipes burst and get damaged. Vegetation and plants in the yard add appeal and aesthetic factors for the eye, refreshes the environment and provides shade. In spite these; there is also a downside to trees. Trees have roots that penetrate deep into the soil that sometimes they reach and rupture the pipes. When the roots reach into sewer pipes and supply mains, this is more likely caused by drought and the trees not having enough sources.
You can tell that you have roots intruding in your pipes when you have a slow drain, slow flushing toilet, backflow and gurgling sounds. When too much roots get into the pipeline, this can be the main reason of bursting along with the water pressure.

4. Corrosion

Corrosion on metal and steel pipes is very common especially when the pipes are very old. There are various corrosive materials and chemicals that can cause the steel and metal pipes to weaken and corrode the pipe. Even a little amount of corrosion will encourage the growth of more.

5. Collapsed Pipe

This is brought about by varying environmental changes. Shifts and pressure can and will alter affecting the integrity of the pipe. There are several factors contributing to the decline of the structural strength of the pipe. These factors vary from root intrusion to pipe ageing, build-up, and to interior scaling and corrosion.