5 Confirmatory Signs of Pipe Damage

damage-pipeOne of the most common and frustrating problem that a homeowner can face with a plumbing or sewage system is damage due to blockage. There is no telling how many homeowner burns the telephone lines of their local plumbing service provider in order to acquire services to fix the problem. This plumbing emergency is as recurrent as it is filthy. To make things worse, since the sewer pipeline is almost always away from plain sight, it takes and incredibly long time to fix the problem since you can never really tell there is a minor problem with the pipe buried. Since it is easier to fix pipe damage at the earlier stages, here are signs that you should keep an eye on. These will help you know whether or not your pipe is damaged:

1. Bubble Appearance

When you start noticing air bubbles rising from your toilet bowls, this might already be a sign of impending plumbing disasters that are yet to happen. These bubbling are caused by perhaps a gushing leak that discharges water and at the same time takes in air. The air trapped inside the pipe will look for a way to exit the system and often times, they gravitate towards siphons. To make the signs clearer, you might also spot an increase in the water level in your toilet bowl. Other times, these bubbles will also appear near sink and floor drains.

2. Raw Sewage Smell Rising from Drains

When there are damages, a cracked or broken sewer pipe for instance, the wastes will have difficulty in getting to the main sewers since the passage can be partially blocked and there will be a restriction in the flow. When this happens, the wastes that went down the pipe will likely stay there until such time that you realize the problem and fix it or if it is overloaded with the wastes, it could create a backlog and retreat back into your home resulting in a massive filthy mess in your building.

3. Unusual Reaction of Plumbing Fixtures

Whenever there are irregularities and other mishaps in the plumbing system, there are varied ways that you can tell and one of those is through observing the performance of your other plumbing fixtures that are, in some ways, connected to the certain pipeline. One sign that you should watch for is when there is soapy water that comes out of your bathtub drain each time you run your laundry machine. When this happens to your fixture, make sure that you contact your local plumbing service provider for support and assistance.

4. Plumbing Fixtures Not Draining Properly

When drains do not work properly, expect a problem in your drainage since there most likely is one. Since everything in the sewage system and plumbing system is interconnected, the performance of one fixture will likely influence the other. This is why when the drains are not working properly; you might have a damaged or blocked sewer pipe in your hands. This can also hinder the operations of your other plumbing fixtures when left unfixed for a long time.

5. Sewage Backups

This symptom of your sewer system is no longer a warning sign. In fact this can be considered as the effect of a long overdue plumbing repair. Whenever there is a sewage backup, this indicates that a pipe in the sewage system is broken and that it is hindering the passage of the wastes from your property to the main sewer. To remedy this problem, make sure that you contact your local plumbing service provider since the sewer is not something that you can tackle by yourself. This plumbing fixture needs special hands to deal with them as there are certain restrictions to be observed when fixing it.