Top 4 Problems of a Garbage Disposal Unit

plumberalexandria Top 4 Problems of a Garbage Disposal Unit

There are certain complications that our garbage disposal experiences from time to time. This is actually inevitable. The solution for this is to take some of your time and check your unit to detect minor issues that could exacerbate over time. On the other hand, if you’re a new user to the unit, here are some typical complications that you will encounter as you use your garbage disposal.

  • Noise

There are units that tend to produce so much noise when it’s in use. This tends to be disturbing for our part. Most of the time, the sound you hear is due to the loose components within the garbage disposal. Also, due to the vibration as the unit operates, these parts will loosen more. Aside from the aforementioned, the noise occurs because of the excessive usage of the appliance. In order for you to avoid this kind of dilemma, try to check the unit once in a while and see if there loose components in it.

  • Clogs

Clog problems don’t just happen in our pipes system. This could also occur when don’t use the garbage disposal properly. The predicament happens when large food is stuck up inside because they are too hard to be shredded by the disposal unit. As this build up inside, they tend to block the passage of water and other grind food particles that we result to a serious blockage. To make sure that no problem will occur during the operation of the unit, ensure that large pieces of leftover are sliced before you put them one at a time.

  • Failure to operate

When the garbage disposal doesn’t operate, try to check your power supply. Try to see if the plug is connected and doesn’t loosen. If what you did doesn’t do any good at all, try to see the circuit breaker for there are situations where you need to reset it. However, if the unit fails to operate again, this means that the problem can be found in the unit’s switch that needs to be repaired or replaced. The two mentioned are the only ways to get rid of the problem. As a garbage disposal owner, keep in mind that when you head buzzing sounds from the appliances, this indicates that there are certain issues that need and immediate attention.

  • Disturbing smell

There several factors that cause your garbage disposal to produce foul odour. First one, this is because the unit is lack of maintenance and wasn’t cleaned properly. Second is due to the collective food particle that got stuck in the unit or in the shredder. In this kind of problem, there are two ways in which you can solve it, either hire a plumber which will certainly cost you some money or make a special disposal cleaner that can be made through using inexpensive home products. Homeowners tend to choose the latter. Mixing vinegar and baking soda or fruit peels to clean and get rid of the smell produced by the garbage disposal. As you can see you don’t really have to spend much on the ingredients, the effort is the key to make the cleaning operation successful.