The Pros and Cons of Using Sulphuric Acid for Drain Maintenance

pros & ons sulphuric acid for drain

There are plenty of solutions that you can use for clearing your drains or just doing maintenance. One of such solutions is with the use of sulphuric acid. Granted, there are many pros and cons of using this chemical compound for your drains. Learn more about these advantages and disadvantages below.

Pros of using Sulphuric Acid

*It’s highly effective in clearing blocked drains

The strong and corrosive mineral acid of this chemical are so strong that it’s able to clear out most clogs in the drain. You won’t have any trouble unclogging small and medium blockage since the acid will just eat away the debris and residue.

*So easy to use

Another advantage and reason why many people prefer using sulphuric acid is because it doesn’t require any effort to use. All you have to do is safely open the cap and then pour the chemical solution to avoid it from splashing. The next step is too easy; you will just wait for the chemical to do its work and then run water afterwards.  

*The acid can break down a lot of materials

Apart from heavy blockage in the drain, the acid components can break down other types of clogs. The corrosive solution can disintegrate majority of objects and materials.

*The chemical solution is manufactured a lot

Sulphuric acid is widely used and it has a high demand. Due to its high demand, there is an abundance of the production of this chemical. You don’t have to worry about running out of sulphuric acid due to its high production.   

Cons of using sulphuric acid

-It has some disadvantages that may discourage homeowners to use it. The ill effects can be worrying so you need to be extremely careful when using this solution.

*Can cause secondary thermal burns

Common reports of people who are injured by sulphuric acid are burns. This is why you should be very vigilant when using this chemical solution. Direct contact to the skin can cause painful and scalding burns. Wear high quality protective sleeves and gloves to protect your skin as well as a respirator mask if possible.  

*Contact to the eyes can cause blindness

Apart from the sleeves, gloves, and masks; you should also wear tough eyewear. You may accidentally splash the chemicals and it may hit your eyes while you’re clearing your drains. You will most likely get blinded if the chemicals come into contact to your cornea.  

*it can burn your lungs and damage your entire respiratory system

Remember why we advise to wear respirator masks? Well, this is the reason. Sulphuric acid doesn’t need to come into direct contact to your body to cause damage. You can get your lungs harmed by simply inhaling the fumes. Be careful when you’re opening the container for the first time. The chemical vapour will rush out of the bottle and expel to the air. You must wear all your protective equipment even before you open the container as safety.