How to Repair a Burst Pipe


If you notice or suspect any water leak in your household, you should turn off the main water supply immediately and open all taps and drain cocks to ensure that water is drained off from the pipe. To locate a drain cock check out near the base of a water cylinder. You should collect the leaking water using a bucket to ensure you will not have a messy working place.

How to repair a copper pipe burst.

1. Locate the main Gate valve of your water pipes and shut it off.

2. Open the lowest fixture in your piping system to let the water out.

3. Using a pipe cutter cuts and remove the leaking section of the pipe. Using steel wool clean blurs on the ends of the pipes .

4. Remove temporarily the petcock that is a small screw from the valve. You should be keen as you will reinstall the petock.

5. Get a new copper pipe same in diameter with the cut pipe and cut it to an appropriate length to fit the space you cut the burst pipe.

6. Clean both sides of the copper pipes using a steel wool.

7. On the outside of the new pipe and on the inside of the valve fitting apply and spread soldering flux.

8. Slowly and accurately slide the valve fitting on the end of the pipe.

9. Wear safety goggles and then use a propane torch to heat the fitting and the pipe where they connect. To get best results hold the edge of the blue flame against the pipe.

10. In the joint where the valve connects to the pipe push about 2 inches of solder.The solder will seep into the connection as the heat will melt it. Before adding the solder on the valve, try the technique in old pipes to perfect it.

11. Using the same technique install the new assembly to the water line.

12. Replace the petcock and open the main gate valve if no leaks, cover the area and get down to use water.