5 Ways to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposals are now frequently installed in some houses to reduce the possibility of having drain blockages. This can also help you in disposing garbage. Even though this is a cleaning appliance, it also needs to be maintained to extend or keep its life span. Here are some ways on how to maintain your garbage disposal.

1. Cleaning the Unit routinely

This is probably one of the most common ways to increase the life span and to keep the efficiency of your unit. Regular cleaning is not only applicable to this appliance. Cleaning your home appliances regularly is an effective way to maintain your appliances. Here are some ways on how to clean your disposal unit:

  • Flush with the use of Water

One great cleaning process is by simply flushing your garbage disposal with water. There are some particles that are left in your unit and this can be eliminated through flushing. With a little help from a dishwashing soap, the debris and particles in your garbage disposal can be partially or can possibly be completely removed from the unit.

  • Ice Cubes and Salt

In this method, you will be needing two cups of salt and ice cube. The mixture of the two substances can help in eliminating particles that got stuck in the components of your garbage disposal. The salt and ice cubes will be grinded by the blades. Afterwards, flush it with boiling water to completely remove the particles that got stuck.

  • Old Brush

You might think that your old brush is already of no use that’s why you’ll just simply throw it away. However, an old brush would also be a great help in cleaning your disposal. Through the use of the old brush, manually brush your unit to clean it. Just simply get the screen on top so you can start brushing.

2. Avoid flushing FOG substances (fats, oil, and grease)

Flushing down FOG substances could be a great harm to your drain including your disposal unit. These substances can stick and build up into your garbage disposal. With this, it can decrease its efficiency and can slow down the motor of your disposal unit. This can obviously lead to a massive destruction of drain blockages.

3. Avoid disposing hard particles

Disposing hard particles into your drains can possibly make the blades of your unit dull and can also reduce the efficiency of the shredder. In addition to this, disposing also of small objects into your disposal can get inside and can destruct the rotating components of your garbage disposal. When this happens, it can possibly destroy your mechanism. As much as possible, dispose only those particles that the disposal is capable of breaking.

4. Cutting down large particles

If you’re planning to break down items in your garbage disposal, make sure to cut down large particles into small pieces before disposing them. There’s a great tendency that the large particles will be stuck in your garbage disposal unit once you don’t cut them into smaller pieces. It is much easier to grind and flush down small particles.

5. Get Rid of Unpleasant Odour

Having an unpleasant odour around your kitchen could be very annoying. With this, it would be necessary for you to clean and freshen up your garbage disposal routinely. Foul smell from the disposal can be eliminated through the help of citrus fruit peels such as lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime. Baking soda and vinegar can also remove the smell.