5 Primary Causes of a Blocked Toilet

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Blocked toilet can be really such a nuisance especially when frequently occurring in your home. This is because there is nothing pleasant about seeing your toilets filling themselves with wastewater and would sometimes surcharges sewage back to our homes. The wastes can’t find their way out from your home and would be left staying in your toilet bowl. This can be very annoying especially when you need to use the restroom and all your toilets are filled with wastes.  

However, if homeowners know the causes why our toilet blocks, we might be able to prevent it from happening by performing maintenance procedures.But first, we should know what causes our toilets to block. Here are the five primary causes of blocked toilets and how we can prevent them:

  • Tree root infiltration

Tree roots naturally grow below the surface of the earth, and because their growth is not visible to our eyes, it is impossible for us to see if infiltration is initiating. However, root infiltration can also be a cause of blocked toilet because the roots would accumulate the diameter of the pipe and continues to grow until nothing is left for the water to pass through. Before, the only way to prevent toilet obstruction caused by infiltration is to constantly remove those roots in the sewer line either by using a high-pressure water jetter or through chemical tree root killer. Nowadays, experts have found a way to prevent those roots from getting into your drains by creating barriers. These will keep the tree roots from reaching your drains so you will no longer suffer the burdens of tree root infiltration.

  • Accumulations and build-ups

Another thing that could reduce the diameter of your pipe is the sediment accumulations and other forms of build-ups. Sediment accumulations are caused by using hard water in flushing the toilet and the mineral it carries can stick into the walls of your pipes. However, grease and fat build-ups because of draining too many fatty substances into your drains can also be a cause of a blocked toilet. The significant build-up they make will continue until completely blocking the system, especially when not given immediate remedy.

  • Foreign object invasion

Among the possible causes of toilet obstruction is the invasion of various objects that should not go in the toilet bowl. That includes baby toys that are flushed by children when adults are not around or not seeing them. These toys can block your toilet drains and would cause more objects to get stuck. More foreign objects include toiletries, tampons, condoms, sanitary pads, diapers, cigarette butts, cotton buds and facial wipes.

  • Structural issues

The installation of your drainage system may be faulty sometimes, causing your plumbing fixtures to encounter complications and troubles. That is why it is important to ensure that your sewage system is installed properly and make sure to engage with experts from reputable companies with enough experience.

  • Storms and heavy rains

When your gutter and toilet drains are connected and run through the same pipe, your toilets might encounter troubles when heavy rains and flooding occurs. Large amounts of water might cause your toilets to overflow and the objects carried by the rainwater might cause your sewer system to block affecting the performances of your plumbing fixtures.