5 Easy Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains

One of the most common problems a home-owner can have with his plumbing system is blocked drain. It is fairly easy for your drains to accumulate build-up and eventually block the pathway. Fortunately this is also one of the easiest problems to solve. Always remember that preventing things from going out of hand in the earlier stages will save a lot of trouble and a handful of dollars. Here are a few easy and effective maintenance tips for your drainers and sinks.

  • Water down the sink after every use

Pouring down hot water into the drain after each use will help in pushing down grease and oil into the sewer. This method prevents you from having greasy build-up in the walls of your pipes that could potentially be the cause of future drain blockage. Also, using hot water down the drain each morning will eliminate any stink that formed the night before. Therefore, hot water solves most of your drainage and sink problems even before it can develop.

  • Put baking soda into the drain and flush it down with hot water

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent on its own. Dumping at least half a box down the drain would help lessen the chances of a build-up while leaving the drain pipes smelling less foul. After dumping the desired amount unto the drainage system, leave for a few minutes to give the baking soda time to react with the blockage and build-ups. After making sure that the baking soda did its job, flush your drainage with hot water. Make sure to remove all the baking soda you put there recently so this won’t turn into blockage.

  • Vinegar plus hot water helps as well

The acetic acid contained by the vinegar is a great organic solvent that helps dissolve grime build up in pipe walls. Let sit for 30 minutes then wash away with hot water so that the pungent smell of vinegar won’t stick to your drain. If you are one of those people who are extra conscious when it comes to hygiene, you can use baking soda then wash it off with vinegar for extra cleanliness.

  • Clean the stopper once each week at the least

Make it a habit to clean the stopper one a week to make sure that there no hair or other particles blocking the water flow. For shower drains, monitor what substances go through the drain. Hair particles can easily be spotted. Remove them before they even get through the drain. As for kitchen sink drains, set a separate bin for insoluble materials like fats and oil from your pans and other dishes, leftovers and vegetable peels.

  • Clean the garbage disposal

Grind up some table salt and a few blocks of cubed ice into the garbage disposal. This stops the build-up of grease and oil in the disposal area. Flush everything down with cold water and then squeeze half a lemon or lime down the drain to deodorise. These are simple but helpful steps to keep the disposal in top performance level.