4 Ways to Avert Your Drains from Clogging

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Most common problems inside each of our households are clogged drains. What makes this a headache to each homeowner is that the dilemma will jump from one problem to another. If left unattended, the blockage, overflowing et cetera could possibly happen.

All of us want to just fix the problem right away, however, some probably don’t have any idea how to repair the problem so they just easily call plumbers and pay plumbing services. To enlighten your more about the subject, here are the followings tips you can do for your clogged drains:

  • Put a drain-grate or a mesh screen

All of us just couldn’t resist flushing down solid materials objects into our drains. Materials such as egg shells and food chunks could build inside and clog your drains. In this situation, it would be better if you set up a mesh screen or drain-grate. The function of the items mentioned is used to filter the big objects that could be the possible reason for blockage and can be able to let the water and other forms of liquid run into your drains. These two can be just the right solution to avert chunks from building up inside. Also, you don’t need to worry anymore since the screen can be removed easily if you want to.

  • Don’t pour grease, oil and fats into the drain pipes

The purpose of drain -grates and mesh screens are proven and tested. People would consider them to use to avert any future drain problems, however, its greatest setback is that the two can only stop the large chunks from moving down the drain and the greasy substances, fats and oil or known as FOG substances.

One of the things that should be avoided is the presence of the latter within your drain line since it could also cause clog problems. When first pour this into your drain, it still with water substances but as it continues inside the drain, the FOG substances solidifies inside. The difficult thing about having these substances inside is that it could accumulate, stick into your drains and sewer lines. Best thing to do is to put into a disposer.

  • Run hot water

Have already poured a huge amount of FOG in your drain? Try to consider a different method of fixing the mess that you did. One of the most often used options to this situation is through the use of hot water. Try to flush down hot water in your drain after utilising your sink. The hot water will break down the solid shape of grease and oil and also tries to pre-empt any FOG formation in the formation. Keep in mind that there are forms of liquid that don’t have to be poured down your drain because it will aid harden inside.

  • Non-chemical maintenance

All of us wants to get rid this dilemma from our plumbing problem checklist, right? Aside from hot water, you can use a special mixture of vinegar, salt and baking soda. All you have to do is to have each cup of the mentioned ingredients and run them down your drains. It is best to flush down the mixture before going to sleep because it will give the mixture a substantial amount of time to take out the clogs and scums within.

Remember that this won’t work if you only conduct this once, the solution and the other tips has to be done regularly in order to achieve your goal which is to avoid clog formation.