4 Simple Methods of Unclogging a Bathtub

plumber alexandria - pour hot water on bathtub

Nothing feels better than soaking in a tub full of clean water after a stressful day, right? But what if you can’t take that nice soak in your tub because it is clogged and there is dirty water sitting in it that you just can’t get rid of? What would you do then? You probably would wish to eliminate that clog the soonest so you can finally do some good relaxation in your tub.

If you’ve completely got no idea on how to unclog your tub, then I recommend you continue reading this post because we’ll be teaching you not only one but four methods, which are incredibly simple, of how to clear away that clog in your tub. If the first method won’t do the magic then there are three other remaining methods which you can try. In these four methods, you will need only three things, a pot of boiling or hot water, a plunger and an auger. Once you’re done preparing these three, you can now finally start clearing that clog away.

Detailed below are the four methods to unclog a tub:

  1. Pour boiling water or run the hot water

If you’ve got a slow-draining tub, you can pour 1-3 gallons of boiling water down your tub drain or you could run your hot water for at least 10 minutes. If the clog is not that bad, this method should do the trick.

  1. Plunging

If the first method didn’t work, you can always seek the help of the all-time favorite plunger. The first thing you need to do is, remove the pop-up stopper from your tub if your tub has one. Free the linkage assembly by wiggling the stopper. The linkage assembly is the mechanism which connects the trip lever to the stopper. Once, the assembly has been removed, the next thing to do is plug the overflow and add water to your tub. Adding water to your tub will help seal the plunger. You may also spread petroleum jelly on the rim of the plunger’s rubber cup for a better seal.

  1. Auger through the drain

If plunging fails, work an auger through the drain. Remove the strainer and trip lever assembly first and then insert the auger down the drain opening. The auger will reach as far as the T-fitting. If the blockage still has not been removed, you can auger through the overflow tube as a last resort.

  1. Auger through the overflow tube

The clog may be hard to reach because it has formed farther down the drain. But you don’t have to worry about that because in this last method you may be able to reach the clog and finally remove it this time. What you need to do is remove the pop-up or linkage assembly first. Unscrew the plate and gently pull the parts out one by one. Insert the auger into the overflow and through the trap. The auger could go in a long way through your tub’s drain line and finally be able to reach the blockage and break it.